contoh teks narrative

Posted: April 7, 2010 in english

The Lion And The Mouse

One day a mouse went out to find something to eat. He ran carelessly through some tall grass. He ran into a fierce lion. The lion caught the mouse. He held him tightly and would not let him go.

“ please let me go, Mr. lion,” said the mouse.” One day I will help you.” The lion laughed.” How could a little mouse help big lion ?” he thought. “ very well,” he said.” I let you go but you must walk carefully.”

The mouse was very grateful. “ thank you.” He said.” You are very kind.” The next week the mouse was again looking for something to eat. He saw the lion under a tree. He was tied toightly in anet of strong ropes. He could not move. “ I will help you.” Said the mouse. He bit through one of the ropes. His teeth were sharp. Then he bit through another. Soon the lion was free. He was grateful. Thank you,” he said.” Thank tou very much.”


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